We provide people an effortless way to support the causes that move them.

Why Tix4Cause?

At Tix4Cause, we empower people to turn everyday ticket purchases into meaningful change by donating a portion of our service fee on every purchase to charity.

Tix4Cause is not a ticket broker. We’re a social enterprise that offers access to the same verified resale tickets available on other popular sites at the same or comparable prices. While other sites broker the tickets and pocket the service fee they charge on top of your ticket price, Tix4Cause receives a portion of the fee and donates 50% of what it earns to the charitable cause of your choosing. Same tickets, comparable prices, and a whole lot of good. We also offer access to exclusive tickets and events that are generously donated by partners and individuals like you. For these exclusive tickets and events, 100% of the ticket purchase price benefits the cause of the donor’s choosing. Charitable giving is at the core of everything we do, and we promise to continue working to create solutions that make giving back simple and accessible to everyone.

How it Works

Create an account and select a cause you’d like to benefit.

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We'll donate 50% of our earnings. No extra effort required!

Our Story

It all started when Co-Founder Kevin Nemetz asked himself a simple question while sitting in a mostly empty section at a Chicago White Sox game:

“What if, instead of going to waste, all these tickets for these empty seats were donated to charity?" Determined to find a way to make that happen, Kevin and his wife Mary set out to create a social enterprise that would change the way people buy tickets and help the causes they care about. For many, the most significant barrier to charitable giving is that it always costs "more" to give back - either more time or more money. Tix4Cause changes all of this forever. Now, instead of having to come out of pocket to help a cause, you're able to seamlessly help an organization you care about through a purchase you're going to make anyway - at no extra cost. This is what working together on Tix4cause is all about.

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