The Perfect Holiday Gift AND More!

Tis the Season!

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror the holiday gift-buying season is now in full force.  Many people are in the throes of shopping for that perfect gift or, as the calendar rolls on, any gift just so they have something to give.  Before you run out or hop online to buy that next physical gift, consider giving an experiential gift - especially one with a heart!

What’s an experiential gift you ask? Well, unlike a physical gift like a sweater or a scarf, an experiential gift is one that allows a person to do something they enjoy and to create a memory while doing so. And the popularity of this type of gift is definitely on the rise making it one of the faster-growing segments of the gift industry.

This rapid growth is not surprisingly fueled by millennials.  A recent Harris Group study found that 72% of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences rather than material things. But this growth is also fueled by science.  A recent report by San Francisco State University researchers showed that people have a better well-being from experiences and feel that such gifts are a better use money.  And a study out of Cornell University indicated that while the overall satisfaction of a material gift decreases over time, the exact opposite happens with an experiential gift.  

So as you look for gifts for your family, your friends, or that special someone, think about giving an experience and think about how Tix4Cause can help you give that experience with a heart.  Whether you’re looking for tickets for them to see their favorite band, festival, opera, ballet, or sports team, or theatre performance, or if you’re looking to create a beautiful family memory at one of the holiday performances, check all we have to offer.  And remember that with every ticket purchased on Tix4Cause, we make a donation to a very deserving cause - at no extra cost to you.  That experiential gift purchased on Tix4Cause creates lasting memories for your loved ones AND provides support to those in need. That’s what we call experiential gift giving with a heart. 

People may not remember the physical gifts they receive but they will remember how a gift made them feel and the memories it created. Make a difference this holiday season with your gift-giving and let Tix4Cause help. What you buy, and where you buy your gifts really does matter!