Behind every ticket purchased through Tix4Cause, there is a story, an experience, and a purpose. We love going behind the tickets and hearing how ticket purchases help connect families, build traditions, honor those in need or help causes that hit so close to home. The story below is about a grieving family who after losing their son, was able to honor his memory through his favorite artist, Tom Petty thanks to Tix4Cause.

Losing a friend who was like a brother to you is like losing a piece of yourself. But losing a son? That’s not something I can even fathom, so watching my friend’s parents grieve after the unexpected loss of their 22 year old son Cameron, was simply unbearable. We had been friends through all of college, and I was always grateful for their hospitality when I needed a couch to crash on, a hot meal when I was short on cash, or a hug after a crummy day.

Like many college students, Cam and I had a tight-knit group of friends with a seemingly unbreakable bond, so when we lost him too soon, we found solace in his parents and family. And they found solace in us because we were living reminders of the boy they raised and had memories to share that they knew nothing about after he left home at 18 to start his own life.

After such a traumatic event, it’s hard for anyone to simply “move on”, but for me and my friends, we didn’t have much of a choice. We were all entering our “real lives”, attending graduate or law school or getting our first jobs out of college, which were welcome distractions after an emotional few months. But for Cam’s parents, there weren’t as many distractions, and the weight of burying their son far too soon weighed on them in ways I couldn’t even begin to understand.

So we decided they needed something, anything, to help distract them from their pain, even if it was just for a few hours. We knew Cam and his folks had a deep love and connection to Tom Petty and his music, and hoped that maybe an evening with a living legend in honor of Cam might just lift their spirits.

Using Tix4Cause, our group of friends purchased Cam’s parents two tickets to Tom Petty in Indianapolis. Cam always had a soft spot for animals (he illegally kept a snake in his dorm room closet for almost a year), so when we sent the tickets to his foks, we let them know that not only were they having a night out on us, but that a portion of the proceeds from the ticket purchase were benefiting the Humane Society.

To us, it seemed like such a small gesture, but to them, it was everything. It’s only music, but sometimes a little music is all we need, because for just one night, they got to pretend like everything was okay. Years on, we all keep in touch, and still hear from Cam’s parents about just how special that night was to them. And when Mr. Petty also passed a few years back, we all got a chuckle knowing that Cam and Tom are on the other side somewhere, rocking out together without a care in the world.”

Pat F - Tix4Cause User since 2013