What a difference a year makes – especially when a pandemic is involved.  The 2019 MLB baseball season’s official Opening Day was March 28, 2019 and was filled with all kinds of excitement.  From the LA Dodgers hitting the most home runs any team has ever hit in a season opener, to Bryce Harper’s debut with the Philadelphia Phillies, to Giancarlo Stanton’s crushing 1st inning 120.6 mph single off of Andrew Cashner of the Baltimore Orioles – it was a remarkable start to a great season of baseball. But that was last year – seemingly a lifetime ago. What will the start of the MLB 2020 season look like?


If all goes right, perhaps the most notable and remarkable stat for the MLB 2020 season will simply be the fact that the season started.  COVID-19 has taken control over our lives, and the MLB 2020 season is no exception. Now, four months after its original scheduled start date, the MLB 2020 season hopes to begin next week.  Two regular season games are slated for July 23 - Yankees at the Nationals, and Giants at the Dodgers - with the rest of the league scheduled to begin the next day. But the very insidious nature of COVID-19, coupled with testing delays, may make things even more difficult – and delayed.   This year while MLB 2020 Season Opening Day highlights would be great, fingers are crossed that we just get to an opening day.  Anything more will be an added bonus!


Good luck to all the teams, players, fans and EVERYONE associated with working so hard to bring us MLB baseball 2020.  Stay safe and healthy!