Taking a cue from the classic tune by the Black Eyed Peas, the new version of our Tix4Cause social enterprise is here! So let’s get it started!

Starting something new and different is often a very daunting proposition. And if that something “new” is a social enterprise focused on millions of entertainment tickets to sports, concert and theatre events across the country, add even a few more degrees of daunting. We felt this way when we originally launched Tix4Cause off our kitchen table as a way to raise funds for our son’s school and the local causes we supported. We asked ourselves  “Will people “get” it?”, “Will they “like” it?”, “Will they “support” it?” But like they say, no risk no reward so we forged on.

We took the risk back then and launched tix4cause.com, a ticket exchange platform connecting people to the tickets they were looking for to support of a cause that touched their heart - at no extra cost. You, as well as our cause members, liked it then and working together we all reaped the benefits. Over $800,000 has already been raised by our cause members at no additional cost to anyone simply because people looking for tickets knew about tix4cause.com. These people came to understand that where they bought their tickets mattered - for their favorite causes, their mission, and their communities.  So now we forge ahead and launch the new and improved version.

For those of who get us, like us, support us, and spread the word about our social enterprise and the difference we’re all making for our cause members, thank you!  Thanks for being part of tix4cause and for making a difference. Please keep spreading the word and stay tuned for even more fun and innovation in 2019! We’ll be bringing you info about all the top concerts (think Cher, Carrie Underwood, Andrea Bocelli, Pink, Bob Seger, Twenty One Pilots), sporting events (as in NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA football and basketball, PGA), great gift-giving ideas, and customer loyalty rewards programs.

More importantly, unlike any other ticket site, we’ll keep you informed about the difference we are all making by working together, like how you’re bringing clean drinking water to our cities, helping children’s health initiatives, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, keeping an animal shelter open, just because you made tix4cause the first place to look for tickets before you went out.

We are truly humbled and grateful that you’ve joined with us to create your memories, support your causes, and truly change the world around you.  So Let’s Go - Let’s Get It Started!