Hard to believe it’s already week 10 of the 2018 NFL season. The season is already half over.  So how’s your team (real or fantasy) doing? There’s certainly been a lot of highlights - like the New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs game at Gillette Stadium. Talk about not giving up and comebacks! And there’s been those low moments - like the opening weekend game between old rivals the Chicago Bears vs. the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Talk about giving up and comebacks at the same time! And there were those historic moments - like New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees breaking Peyton Manning’s career passing yards record to become the NFL’s leader in career passing yards in the Saints victory against the Washington Redskins on October 8th.


What all these games have in common is that they represent the excitement and the thrill of NFL football in America.  Since the 1920s, it’s a game Americans have loved and loved to watch. In fact, according to a recent Statista survey of US consumers, 70% of those surveyed described themselves as NFL fans. And according to a recent Gallup survey, NFL football remains America’s favorite spectator sport despite the negative stories recently coming out on and about the sport.


So what can be better than grabbing tickets to go see your favorite team play? How about grabbing those tickets while also helping your favorite cause at the very same time - and at no extra cost. Enter tix4cause.com. We take your love of the game and connect it to your love of doing good through our innovative and transparent social enterprise.  What’s a social enterprise? In short, it’s a business that believes when it profits, society should profit as well. Here’s a real example of how this works at tix4cause: One of our users was looking for tickets to see the Patriots play the Colts at Gillette Stadium on December 15th.  He found the tickets he wanted, at the price he wanted to pay and tix4cause donated $133.50 to a local animal shelter - the cause of his choice. It’s that simple.


We’ve made a pledge to donate half of what we earn on a ticket purchase from our exchange to the cause member selected by the purchaser.  We’re not talking about donating $1 for every purchase, or .5% of each purchase, or making you make a donation on top of your purchase. We’re talking about tix4cause donating 50% of our proceeds from each and every ticket exchange purchase each and every time. Working together we’re able to make these purchases truly matter with each and every purchase. So take a look at the NFL tickets offered on tix4cause (or any of the millions offered to events all across the country) and take a look at the causes you can help just by going to the game.


Where you buy your tickets really does matter. Spread the word!


Join the Crowd. Be the Change.