Behind every ticket purchased through Tix4Cause, there is a story, an experience, and a purpose. We love going behind the tickets and hearing how ticket purchases help connect families, build traditions, honor those in need or help causes that hit so close to home. The story below is from a music fan that helped honor her grandmother in multiple ways when buying Michael Bublé tickets through Tix4Cause.


"Growing up, my grandmother always loved music and had an extreme love for Frank Sinatra. I’ll never forget her ‘shrine’ of Frank Sinatra photos, magazines, autographs, figurines and anything else you can think of.  Our whole family knows every word to every song by Frank Sinatra. Her love of his music has been a huge part of every family function for as long as I can remember. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago and one thing that remains the same is our ability to bond over his music.


One of her new favorite artists is Michael Bublé as he has a ‘Frank Sinatra vibe.’ When I saw that he was going on tour and coming to Chicago in July, I decided to surprise my mom with tickets. I bought my tickets through Tix4Cause and through my purchase donated to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of her mom. It’s amazing that we’ll be enjoying a concert by one of her favorite artists and at the same time, know that we’re helping a cause that is so close to our hearts. Thank you Tix4Cause!"




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