We wanted to brag about one of our great cause members and the good they are doing for so many. That cause member is the Northern Illinois Food Bank, a proud member of Feeding America.  Hunger in America does not discriminate - it affects all age groups and all races - everywhere. It affects children and adults in every community across America and the statistics are staggering. It’s estimated that in the United States today 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger.  To truly understand this huge number and to bring this stat to life we have to take these numbers off the page and create a visual. So consider this … the next time you’re out shopping, or standing in line at the grocery store, or stuck in traffic, take a look around you. For every 8 people you see, one of themyou is currently food insecure and does not have enough food to live an active, healthy life.

With a vision of “no one in Northern Illinois going hungry” and a mission to “lead the Northern Illinois Community in solving hunger by providing nutritious means to those in need through innovative programs and partnerships” our cause partner, the Northern Illinois Food Bank, strives each and every day to make a difference. And they’re doing just that - serving more than 71,000 men, women,  and children each week.

While we’re bragging, we’d like to tell you about one of our users and the good she did for the food bank just by making Tix4Cause the first place she looked before buying her tickets to a U2 concert. She was a huge fan of the group and an even bigger fan of Bono and all his philanthropic endeavors - including his support for UNICEF, ONE Campaign, and Making Poverty History, to name just a few. She was beyond excited to not only find the tickets she wanted to the concert, but to also be able to make her ticket purchase matter in the efforts to end hunger in her area.

Because of her ticket purchase through Tix4cause, the Northern Illinois Food Bank received a check from Tix4Ccause in the amount of $58.50 - at no additional cost to her or the food bank.  Because of the collective buying power of the food bank, they, in turn, in turn were able to turn this donation into $420 worth of groceries for those suffering from food insecurity, at no additional cost.

This is the beauty and the power of one person’s ticket purchase on the Tix4Cause social enterprise.  It’s the beauty and the inspiration of working together. It’s the beauty and the difference we can make - together.  So we encourage you to Join the Crowd and Be the Change. No matter what tickets to what events you’re looking for - concerts or sports, theatre or comedy, join with Tix4Cause to be the change as you rock on or cheer on. 

Working together we’re all making a difference - that’s the power of a social enterprise. Where you buy your tickets really does matter - for so many.