For the Seftons, the NFL championship game all connected back to family. For us here at Tix4Cause, their euphoria was made even better by the fact that working together, the Seftons and Tix4Cause would make a difference in the world.

If you haven’t heard of us, Tix4Cause is a social enterprise with a ticket platform that offers access to both donated tickets as well as the same verifiable tickets found on other sites, but with a mission to make every single ticket purchase matter to a cause – at no extra cost. Tix4Cause is a ticket doer not a ticket broker and as a social enterprise donates have its earnings on exchange ticket purchases to the cause selected by the purchaser.  

Here’s the story about Joe and Nikki Sefton and their 10-year-old son Vincent. For them, going to the NFL championship game was unthinkable.

It was Feb. 4, 2018, and the view was amazing. The crowd was raucous yet collegial. The excitement was electrifying. Afterall, everyone in the US Bank Stadium paid a king’s ransom for the opportunity to watch the two best football teams in the NFL.

A Family of Eagle Fans

Joe grew up in the Philadelphia area and is a lifelong Eagles fan, like his Dad before him. Nikki converted her loyalties to the Eagles from another team that donned green from a town with the color in its name. Vincent had no choice but to follow in his parent’s passion for the Eagles.

On a whim in early October 2017, Joe used loyalty points to reserve a hotel room in Minneapolis for the weekend of the championship game. At the time, the Eagles were playing great football, had a solid record, and “who knows?” They could make it all the way, Joe thought. And if they did, the family would drive the six hours to the Twin Cities from suburban Chicago to enjoy the festivities surrounding the game. “There is no way we will go to the game, even if the Eagles make it,” Joe said to his wife.

Fast forward to last February. The Eagles made it to the championship to face the New England Patriots. The Seftons were excited for their team and for the opportunity to enjoy the NFL weekend experience.

At an Eagles pep rally on the night before the game, Nikki asked Joe how much tickets would cost. He browsed a few sites and ruled out a last-minute hasty decision. Then he remembered a colleague talking about Tix4Cause. Joe found three tickets that cost thousands of dollars, and Nikki said, “I’m not sure any vacation would be as memorable as this opportunity.”

On that Super Sunday morning, the Seftons headed to meet the ticket seller in a nearby hotel. Donned in his late father’s Eagle’s good-luck jersey, Joe was thinking of his Dad as the seller handed him the tickets. “I was still in shock,” said Joe. “I’m not an impulsive person, but my wife kept encouraging me to go through with it.” Knowing that a charity was going to net hundreds of dollars made it easier.

Charitable Donations Top $800.000

Since its inception, the Tix4Cause platform has enabled its cause members to raise more than $800,000. And in this case, the beneficiary charity was the National Safety Council.

Win or lose, the Sefton’s presence at the biggest game of the year, was all that mattered. And their ticket purchase benefitted people they will never meet. But the cherry on top was the final score: Eagles 41, Patriots 33. Joe’s eyes moistened and his body was shaking with joy. He hugged his wife and son and took in this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

“If you are even thinking about buying last-minute tickets to Sunday’s game between the Rams and Patriots, do it,” says Joe, one year after his incredible experience.


It is worth every penny and more.