Hey Consumers!! You’ve Spoken …. We’ve Heard …

And we’re delivering!

We’re talking about you - the American consumer.  You definitely have a lot on your mind these days.  According to the 2017 Cone Communications Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Study, the American consumer is worried about the future of important social and environmental issues and is looking for companies to play a definite role in supporting these issues.  You have very definite opinions about companies you want to do business with and the role you expect companies to take to act as a force for change in these areas important to you. 

Here’s a list of your top expectations and how we’re responding:

1. 70% of Americans believe companies have an obligation to take action to improve issues important to them.

We couldn’t agree more! As a social enterprise our business model is based on the premise that for us to profit our communities must profit as well. We’ve created a platform where every ticket purchase benefits a cause at no additional cost to you the consumer - or the cause.

2. 79% of US citizens expect businesses to continue to improve their CSR efforts.

To date cause members utilizing the Tix4Cause platform have already raised over $800,000. Working together our goal is to triple this by the end of 2019.

3. 87% of consumers said they’d purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

Every single purchase on Tix4Cause benefits a deserving cause member. Here are just a few of the missions supported by our cause members: protecting animals and the environment, supporting the homeless, feeding the hungry, helping the veteran, fighting cancer and Alzheimers, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, supporting education efforts, and helping sick children.

4. 89% of Americans would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality.

Tix4cause offers access to millions of competitively priced tickets to events across the country and every purchase, every time, every day benefits a deserving cause. Where you buy your ticket really does matter so make Tix4Cause the first place you look before you go out.

5. 81% of consumers would tell their friends and family about a company’s CSR efforts.

Because of what we do and why we do it - spread the word and tell your friends. Working together we’re all making a difference.

Join the Crowd.  Be the Change!