Strolling across a majestic golf course in the middle of summer is rather romantic. Especially if the course is host to one of the four major PGA tournaments. For most people, it’s a chance to watch how real golf is played.

Peter Bakala is an avid golf fan and loves to watch the sport on TV and in person when possible.

So this Father’s Day he’s letting his five adult children know his ideal gift -- tickets to The Open (commonly called the British Open) being played July 18-21 at Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland. He sees it as part of their annual trip to his wife Eileen’s small family farm outside Derry.

Peter, who is the vice president of branch sales and operations for Gold Medal Products, even has the day mapped out.

“We would start the day with an Irish breakfast and then head to Royal Portrush, which is about 90 minutes from Eileen’s family farm,” says Peter. “I, and whoever else wanted to come, would spend the day following the golfers.”

Standard single-day ticket prices start around $360 through our social platform.

I have to admit, Peter’s jaunt to Northern Ireland would be a great Father’s Day gift. When it includes family from faraway lands, the experience becomes even more memorable.

The gift doesn’t have to stop there, though. What if you could make Dad’s dream — tickets to concerts, plays and sporting events closer to where you live — come true and change the world?

You can.

No other purveyor of box office bliss creates impact like Tix4Cause. Visitors to the site have access to both donated tickets as well as the same verifiable tickets found on major ticket sites. Tix4Cause does not own or control tickets, rather it provides access through its technology platform. We connect people to the tickets they want.

Our mission is simple: make every ticket purchase matter to a cause – at no extra cost. This was and continues to be the purpose behind our work.

Tix4Cause is a ticket doer not a ticket broker. With every purchase, Tix4Cause donates half its earnings on exchange ticket purchases to the cause member selected by the purchaser.

Being a giver in multiple ways makes it a win for Dad, a win for you and a win for your chosen charity.

Here’s hoping Peter’s children read this blog so he sees the rolling green hills of Northern Ireland for his ideal Father’s Day gift.


Mary Nemetz is CEO of Tix4Cause.