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Veterans In Transition

1484 Schoenherr Avenue
Bolingbrook, IL 60490

When our Veterans transition into the civilian world they need to get back to work in order to restore that sense of confidence and individual identity making them a viable part of society – and this is where Veterans In Transition would like to help.

Veterans In Transition was founded in March 2011 with the idea just to hold a Job Search Accountably Group. But after taking a step back and looking at the big picture we see that much more can be done for all Transitioning Veterans.

The goal of Veterans In Transition is to find funding for expansion of their Outplacement program while increasing local and national awareness.

Veterans In Transition is also looking for other Veteran non-profit organizations who truly are a non-profit and Veteran advocacy agency while demonstrating experience and success and that can lend access to their facilities for meetings, events, fundraisers, etc…

Veterans In Transition is also looking for viable investors who are interested in returning Veterans to work.

It is also the goal of Veterans In Transition to facilitate awareness of programs available to Veterans outside of the VA. To that end, it is Veterans In Transition intent to work with the community in order to facilitate these programs with a no solicitation rule in place.

Veterans In Transition intends to fund raise year around. Its main source of income will be an annual festival. Other endeavors will include Prosthetics for Warriors, various Motivational Runs, an Emergency Relief Fund For Veterans’ qualified immediate family, and an annual field trip for children of Veterans deployed.